Welcome to the unknown.

We hope you were drawn here because you were looking for something different. What you’ve found is exactly that. A reality that others barely glimpse; that will make your skin crawl and have you doubt the very makeup of the world around you.

Our collection of graphic novels is here to lead you down an unexplored path. A journey filled with the beauty, benevolence and malice of Mother Nature. Where unknown creatures rise from the shadows to stalk and prey. Every bend and braid could bring a new discovery, or an untimely demise.

Our books are equally inspired by the ferocity of the animal kingdom and the classic heroes of our youth. With new artists for every book, follow as our team awakens your imagination and introduces you to dreams you never thought possible – or are they nightmares?

Explore, it’s what we’re made to do.

VisionsFound – The story is life.